Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pink snow mold is a disease that we currently have in the fairways at Hawks Landing. I have inserted a picture taken from 18 fairway yesterday. Pink Snow Mold is a fungal disease that attacks the leaves, roots and crowns of turfgrass. Creeping bentgrass is not the only grass that this disease effects Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass as well as annual bluegrass(poa annua).

We did spray a chemical preventive application last October to help control this disease the fairways were treated with a different product then the greens. I usually have very good control of this disease but this winter has been very wet and snowy. The conditions for pink snow mold have been very good most of the winter and the chemical that we used on the fairways most likely ran out.

We will be making an early chemical treatment to help control this disease.

As homeowners, you will most likely see this disease in your lawns. Chemical treatments are not recommended but you can rake the matted turf to increase light and air into the turf.

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