Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Golf Course Update

I would like to give the membership a short update on the state of the golf course

The ground temperatures are finally at a point to start seeing some recovery from the winter. I have been out making some foliar fertilizer application to all the greens, tees, and fairways on the golf course. This application is based on my current soil testing. We have several limiting factors within the soil that inhibit proper growth and development. I am concerned with the roots of the plants this time of the year. I am trying to build a strong root zone to help the plant survive the stressful part of the year. I try to maximize the soil test to the best of my abilities.

You might have seen use out seeding some of the areas in the native grasslands. I have been making a herbicide application to control some of the grasses that we do not want. this program seems to be working very well and will be continuing making a few more application as soon as the grasses start to grow.

We are still working with Gray Graud on the blue bird trail. His research with the Blue bird has been to find the best nesting box for the bird. This year he has a new design that he feels should give the Blue Birds and advantage over the sparrows and the black flies. Every year we have seen at least 50 fledged blue birds.

I have also seen an increase in native animal and birds out on the golf course this spring. currently we have: Hawks, Great Horned owl, Coopers Hawks, Coyotes, Turkeys, Deer, Many species of Ducks, Fox, as well as the Blue Birds. This is very encouraging.

I will not be core aerating the greens this spring, but we will be solid tining the greens in 2 weeks, The fairways will be spiked next week. this process will help encourage rooting and movement of water into the soil profile.

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