Thursday, July 24, 2008

Japanese Beetle

The Japanese Beetle is a new insect to the State of Wisconsin. I have dealt with the Japanese Beetle when I was in Ohio, but have not had a problem until 2007 here. i am sure that just about everyone has seen a beetle by now, I have noticed many traps in yards around the golf course. If you have seen many beetles you may want to think about making an insecticide application to your yard to prevent the damage done by the the grubs of the beetles. timing is very important and understanding the life cycle is the key to good control and too offset any damage that may be done. Right now the beetles are laying eggs in your yard, the beetle itself does not cause too much damage unless you have a Linden Tree. The adult beetle can defoliate a linden tree very rapidly. This is something you should be aware of next year. Any good Tree Service can treat your trees for Beetle control. The grubs can be a big problem in your yard. the grubs will feed on the roots of the turf and with this dry weather we are having the turf may die. Another problem is rodents may uproot the turf to feed on the grubs. Last year a large section of rough near the woods on 14 was completely uprooted from skunks. As I have stated the beetles are laying eggs right now, late August and early September the grubs will be near the soil surface feeding, This is a great time to apply an insecticide. by mid to late October the grubs move down through the soil to overwinter. April would be the next best time to make an application as the grubs will be moving upwards again. By May and until July they will be forming pupates and changing into adults. Once again I would not recommend an application unless you see many beetles or have had a problem in your yard in the past. Always read the label, insecticides are not something to take likely. there is some biological control that you may also try called Milkspore, this product does work well in the control of the grub stage.

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