Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We were able to have at least a couple days to get outside and enjoy springtime.

I monitor a website that tracks the high and low temperatures on a daily basis and then this is complied into what is called a growing degree day. What this means is there is a certain number of these degree days that is needed before you apply your crabgrass pre-emergent to your lawn. Next week looks to be the timing for you to apply the crab grass preventive herbicide. One thing to remember you will not be able to grow anything from seed in the areas that this product is applied. The herbicide prevent seeds from germinating, so be careful where you spread the product.

On the golf course, We have purchased 34 new trees to be planted on the golf course this spring. Yesterday, all holes were dug and over the course of the next few weeks all tree will be planted. This year we will be planting 3 different trees. Honeylocust, Swamp White Oak and Autumn Blaze Maple. These trees should do very well in the soil conditions.

We have been working on replacing the sand on a few bunkers. 13,14,15,16,17,9 greens bunkers have all been completed. The bunkers are now much firmer and less of a chance for a buried lie

The greens and fairways were all mowed last week. One thing that I noticed right away is the fairways. Toro has developed a groomer for the reels on the fairway mower. This stands up the grass before the reel cuts which in turn provides a cleaner more upright cut. Once the weather breaks we will be able to get on a more consistent schedule.

Lastly, please bear with us for a little while, we are working on finishing the bunker sand replacement and this takes considerable time. Everything will be back to normal soon, and I am hopeful that you will be satisfied with the results.

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