Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fescue Marking

I am sure that you have been wondering why am I painting all over the golf course. Over the last few days you may have received a letter regarding a study that we have started to determine some new and expanded fescue plantings. We are looking at improving the aesthetic character of the golf course and move toward the golf course architects original intent. I have been marking some new proposed fescue limits over the last few weeks and we have stopped mowing in these areas. What this is doing is to allow us to move these line or even expand them as we receive feedback or general observation. I have fielded some on course discussion concerning the members concern over the new fescue. I will not be letting the rough just grow and this will be the new native, or these areas will remain heavy and thick as in some areas along the current fescue lines. This is not the case. I will be killing the marked area using roundup and then seeding into the sod. This will not be the normal seed, Scotts Pro Turf recently released several new roundup tolerant fescues. I have selected a very nice seed blend that would be 70% hard fescue and 30 % red fescue. I will be seeding these grasses on the low end of the recommend rates. The great thing here is that we will be able to spray round up over the top of these new fescue to control any undesirable weeds or grasses that may come through. I will have the flexibility to control grasses and weeds while maintaining a fairly thin stand of turf. With these changes I feel this would improve the consistency of the fescue limits that we currently have.

Also, as of yesterday have some white lines and pin flags in the 14th fairway. This is not denoting a fescue line but the possibility of a bunker in this location. We are currently observing players on this hole and noting the general location of the tee shots. We believe this bunker location would bring a more skillful shot from only the championship tees.

There is a new sign up along the rock wall on 15 green stating there is a danger. You may remember a few years ago that this wall was approximately level with the green. Early last year I thought the wall may be settling but really did not notice anything alarming. This spring was a different story the wall has settled at least 2 feet and several of the boulders were loose. I have secured these boulders by grouting in concrete but we are still concerned of the possibility of the wall deteriorating further. We have sent out a few bids for a replacement and in the time being we felt it was best to put up some signage so that everyone is aware of the problems at hand

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