Friday, September 4, 2009

#17 Drop Tee

I am sure that you have seen the work that is being done on the drop tee on hole 17. There was an overwhelming amount of members that thought the tee was way too small. I have to agree with them and I also did not like the way the tee was angled into the green. Over the last few days we have started to enlarge the teeing area and remove some of the slope to the right.

Instead of creating a new slope we decided to build a rock wall to support the hill and keep the area more open. We also worked on removing the small hump in the front of the tee to create a smooth transition to the rough line

Today we have completed the construction of the rock wall and smoothed the area. Next week we will add the new sod to increase the size of the tee, we will also realign the tee so to point to the center of the green. After the project is completed the new drop zone will be doubled in size, angled the proper way , and new rough sod will be placed around the tee. I hope that you will like the new drop zone.

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