Thursday, March 11, 2010

Golf Course Update

Winter is quickly loosing it's grip on the golf course.  I continue to walk the course and have been making observations on the condition of the turf.  What I can say as of today most areas are free of disease.  Also,  as far as ice damage on the putting greens with the expectation of 5 and 11 green I can safely say all is well.  I was a little worried about some ice damage since the length of snow on the greens has been longer then most years but the greens actually look really good.

There is a considerable amount of snow that still lingers on 12 and 3.  12 is always the last to loose the snow.  I will have to plow the snow off the path next week to help melt the remaining snow along the path.

The pesky burrowing mice that seem to damage the turf over the winter as in the picture here have not done too much damage to the course this winter.  This year a few rakings maybe some seed and soil should repair the damage.

Overall the course seems to have survived this winter in ok shape.  The rain that we are having is also helping to remove some frost in the ground.  As in past years we can not open the course for play before the frost is completely gone.  I really feel it is necessary to roll and mow at least the greens and tees before opening.  The reason is that over the winter the frost heaves up and down.  We need to smooth the greens out before play or the green may remain bumpy for some time.  I will do my best to get the course open very soon.



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