Sunday, May 16, 2010


I write this blog to be honest, concise and to provide useful information on the golf course.  As you all  know, I am very passionate about Hawks Landing.  I feel fortunate to have a wonderful staff, most of my greenkeepers have been working under me for an average of 3 seasons.  I also have 3 members of the staff that have been here for 6 seasons.  They enjoy their work and are very proud of the golf course.  I also thankful for Jeff in providing me with such a rewarding opportunity.  I am here 7 days a week not because I necessarily have too but the fact that I love seeing the sun raise on the club each day.  We all work very hard in order to provide you with what we all believe is one of the best club in Dane county.  The main reason for this post is that Rich was approached a few days ago by a member questioning him as to why I do not rake the chipping bunker.  He did not have a answer at the time and contacted me regarding this issue.  All I can say is that the chipping bunker is raked each day we mow the greens in the morning.  Which is 6 days per week.  I would like to show you a picture of the chipping bunker this morning.

  We raked this bunker completely yesterday morning .  I do not understand why the bunker is in this conditions today.

  I also noticed that many of the bunkers on the golf course had similar issues this morning.  I actually took a few picutres yesterday after the staff prepared the bunkers in the morning.   

We worked very hard this week after the rains making sure that the bunkers were back in the best shape they can be in for the weekend. 

This morning there were many bunkers all around the course that had rakes basically thrown around, some were on the faces in a location that nobody could get to them, some were half in the bunker and half out and a lot were just tossed to the side in the rough. 

I honestly can say that I do want want to write posts like this, I also feel that I should not have to.  I do not think we would expect the bunkers to look prefect after everyone rakes them but they should be fairly smooth with the rakes placed back in the proper place.  We strive to  provide everyone with the best golf course on a given day.  Please help us out and your fellow members so that everyone can enjoy their round of golf.

Thank you


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