Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The greens are growing very aggressively with this warm humid weather. I feel this is why they may be a little slow. This week, I started a program to help speed them up. Monday we needle tined all the greens along with a double roll. This will allow air and water exchange throughout the rootzone. Also , I believe nutrients will be released that may have been tied up in the soil. Tuesday, there was a nice flush of growth. I decided to double cut and roll all the greens. With the heat I was not able to apply any topdressing because the sand may burn the turf in the hot sun. I did broom all the greens instead prior to mowing to help stand up the turf for a good clean cut. With the growth there is some grain developing. Today we aggressively groomed all the greens along with a double cut and roll. If you had a chance to play today you may have seen the lines from the groomer in the greens. We will double cut again tomorrow and friday we will mow one time as well as roll. I feel this is a good program and the greens will be very good the rest of the week

Hope everyone has a great weekend and that you enjoy a great round of golf
Neil Radatz CGCS
Hawks Landing Golf Club

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