Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I recently made a few changes to my staff and promoted Armando to the position of foreman replacing my former assistant

A little background on Armando. He is from Mexico city and his first job in the states was 7 years ago with me. He helped me in finishing the construction of the golf course and has been with me ever since. Armando has a wife a 2 children here in Madison and family back in Mexico. He came here to live the dream and give his family a great place to grow. I would have to say that he is very well respected among the entire staff. He knows the golf course very well and I can count on him to get any job done that is asked.

The bunkers have been his main goal this year. I am sure you have noticed a big improvement this year and Armando should receive most of the credit.

As we move forward I will be guiding him in all aspects of the course and giving him more to learn daily. I have the up most respect for him and know that he can handle anything that I ask

If you have a chance introduce yourself to Armando you will be seeing a lot more of him down the road

Neil Radatz CGCS
Hawks Landing Golf Club

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