Thursday, June 17, 2010

Course update

Just a few items to get everyone up to date.

I am very impressed on the way the membership is taking care of the course well done and we thank you very much.

The fescue grow in is really taking off.  There is a few areas on the front nine that did not come in for some reason.  Yesterday, I aerifed these spots  added a little seed to help it along.  Most of the newly seeded areas are just fine.  There are some weeds we mowed all the areas today.  Next week, I will use the same herbicide as I did on the back nine.  This should clean it up nicely.

The turf is growing like crazy over the last few weeks,  I am sure the warm wet weather has a lot to do with this.  Interesting fact is that I have not applied any fertilizer to the fairways or roughs this year.  I have a solid foundation from last fall and really have no need to put any down.  We are mowing at least 2 times per week in the rough areas and the fairways are mowed 3 times a week.  I apply a growth regulator on the fairways every 3 weeks to help slow the upright growth.  Even with the turf under regulation  the fairways are growing very fast.  I was not able to mow on my normal schedule this week because of the rain so hopefully tomorrow we will be able to get everything back under control.    The greens have been really good and still quite speedy even under the current conditions. 

You may have noticed some whites dots all around the greens.  At least 3 times a year I remark the collar and green tranistions for my staff.  This help reestablish the correct collar width.  If this is not done the green can get smaller really fast.  You may have heard to some courses having to redo their greens because the collars and greens were not maintained over the years.

We have a new guest at  Hawks,  this guy has been spotted in the early morning around the clubhouse.  I was able to get within 10 feet of him the other day and got a really great picture for you to enjoy.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the golf course

thank you and have a great day

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