Monday, July 12, 2010


Today I am starting to needle tine the greens. I am also applying topdressing sand to the greens.

The warm humid wet weather has really not been to good for the turf. I am seeing some scalping and puffy soft turf on just about all surfaces. I have also seen some thatch buildup on the greens. This is a direct result from the weather pattern. As I have said I really like to topdress weekly to help dilute this organic matter buildup but this year I have not been able to accomplish this. If I do not get things under control I will need to core aerate the greens this late fall. Today hopefully is a start to a good stretch of weekly or at least biweekly topdressing. I would also like to be a little more aggressive with the needle tining as well as grooming or light verticutting.

In the picture you can see the machine that we use to aerate the greens. Today I am using a 6 inch tine that goes into the green about 5 inches and just over 100 holes per square foot. This should help get some air into the profile and help dry out the greens

Have a great week

Neil Radatz CGCS
Hawks Landing Golf Club

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