Thursday, July 29, 2010

Turf Posting from the midwest

This summer is going to go down as one for the record books all over.  Each day, I hear more things from bad to worse. Here at Hawks we are hanging in there the golf course is playing well and is very firm.  Even with all this rain the dry spot that we had are still showing up as dry spot the low areas and even the greens are holding water and very wet still.  This year, I just can not seem to get the moisture out of the greens.  The men's city tournament is this Friday with the Club Championship the following week.  We have a great golfing membership here last I heard there were 8 Men in the city tournament.  I am doing everything I have up my sleeve to get the greens back up to speed.  I am sure by tomorrow the golf course will be just fine. 

Good luck to everyone in the upcoming golf events.

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