Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am always talking about different diseases on the golf course but without actually showing you what it looks like it makes it hard for you to visualize my description. Here is a picture of dollar spot. Dollar spot is a fungus that develops in warm humid weather with excess free moisture. Pretty much sounds like this summer. In the early morning you can see what is called mycilium on the turf. Looks like cotton this is the early stages of the disease life cycle. You may see this in your own home lawns. If you get down on the knees and really get a look you will be able to see an hour glass lesion on the leaf blade this is tan in color and usually in the middle of the grass blade. As the disease cycle progresses small silver dollar patches of tan or dead leaves appear. If not treated it these spots can run together and form large patches. Most turf can get dollar spot if the conditions are right for a period of time. Dollar spot will spread or can be tracked from place to place with mowers when the mycilium is present. Proper nutrients will help reduce the chances of getting dollar spot also reducing the free moisture in turf. This can be done by removing the dew with either dragging or whipping it off or a light and quick irrigation cycle at sunrise. This weather pattern makes it very hard to culturally control it and if it reaches a certain threshold a chemical application may be needed.

Neil Radatz CGCS
Hawks Landing Golf Club

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