Thursday, October 21, 2010

15 green bunker

Finally completed the green bunker on 15.  I had no idea that this project would have taken this long, but as we dug deeper we kept finding problems that had to be addressed.  I really wanted to lower the steep front edge and in order to do this the bunker was moved about 1.5 feet closer to the green.  Also, the same general shape was kept but with the removal of about 15 tons of soil the back bank is less steep and now can be mowed.  When you look at the before and after it is hard to even remember that it look so bad before and the new look fit in and almost looks like it has always been there.  With the larger bunker and the fact that we had so much sand that had to be discarded, I decided to remove the sand from the chipping bunker and use that in 15.  The chipping bunker really needs some serious help, and the sand would have to be removed anyway.  

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