Tuesday, October 5, 2010

course update

What a few great days ahead.  I do not like frosty mornings but I know they pretty  much guarantee a prefect day.

I started to work on the reconstruction of the bunker at 15 green.

The heavy storms this year washed out the soil on the bank.  The transformation can already been seen .

I never really liked the long rough grass that we left on the steep bank and the bunker is way too deep.  I am going to fix both of these issues.  What I would expect to see when the bunker is complete is a softer slope that can be maintained at rough height and I will be sodding the fairway or approach right to the edge of the slope.  This should bring the bunker into play more then it is currently.  I will also remove the steep entry point to the front of the bunker.  This will be a work in progress, you will be able to see transformation throughout the fall.  I will complete the work in the next few weeks.

By Wednesday this week we will complete all the core aerating the greens.  Thank you for understanding the importance of this process.  In the spring we should be off to a good start and will not need to core the green in the spring.  I will continue to needle tine the greens next spring and summer.

I will start to core aerate the approaches and some weak areas around the course.  I also plan on slicing the fairways on more time before the end of the season.  I do not expect to do this for another 3 weeks. 

There are a few other projects that I would like to complete this fall.  One being removing some of the weak sod around the greens.

Now is a very good time to fertilize your yard and also this may be the year that you might want to think of core aerating your yard.  It is very dry and with what I am seeing on the golf course excess organic matter and compacted soils your yard may have similar problems.  The extra time it may take to core your yard will be worth it.

Thank you and I hope to see you on the golf course very soon

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