Thursday, December 16, 2010

Equipment Manager

Our Equipment Manager, Jerry Mcann, Retired from Hawks Landing in September this year.  Jerry was a valuable  employee for 7 years.  I recently hired Mike Eggemeier from Mcfarland.  Mike has worked as an Equipment Manager all his life and most of that has been spent in golf.  I believe Mike will be a great addition to Hawks Landing.

The Equipment Manager, (EQ) position is not just a mechanic this position is very demanding and especially during the summer quite stressful.  You may not see Mike more then a few times during the year, but I feel the less you see him only means he is doing a great job.  The EQ has to be a jack of all trades also.  This position you are basically in charge of  equipment maintenance on the golf course, which includes plumbing, electrical.  golf course restroom, the pump station way to many to write down.  The EQ also has to work within a budget and is in charge of the all purchasing and inventories.  I also feel safety is very important for the crew.  The EQ plays a big part in proper care and training for safe operation of all equipment. Obliviously, the proper operation and care of the turf equipment tops the list of duties for this position.  The EQ has to forecast future problems and issues that would need attention without any delay in the operation.  We are typically 3 weeks ahead in what needs to be done on the golf course so it is very important to have everything ready  , The EQ has to be flexible also since at any point during the day or week we may have to change direction 360 degrees because of a problem. 

The Equipment Manager position of very demanding and an important part of the operation to our club.  I feel I made a very good choice with Mike as our new Equipment Manager

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