Monday, January 10, 2011

Fresh Start

Today is an exciting day for us here at Hawks.  It is the first day for Mike Eggemeier, the new Equipment Manager as well as Leon Bridges  back from some time off and he will be my new Assistant this year.  They both will be responsible for getting all the equipment in top shape for the upcoming golf season. We have a lot of work to get done before April.

For all of you that have a Google account and write a blog or manage a website.  You have to try out one of the new Andriod phones.  I just picked up a HTC Hero from Sprint.  What a powerful tool to have.   I have always had a cell phone.  My first phone was a Motorola, about a foot long and weighed 2 pounds that barley worked,  now I have a mini computer in my pocket.  I am kind of a computer geek, I currently have 2 computers in my office.  One, for the irrigation system only but is connected to the internet so I can access it anywhere, the other is for everything else.  During the golf season, I have little time to spend at my desk and last year moved up to a blackberry so I can access emails.  I also learned how to update the blog through the blackberry.  Saved so much time because, I could basically sit on my golf cart on the course and do everything without going to my office.  The main problem that I had was the keyboard and the small screen.  I never have been able to get used to it.  I was able to trade in the blackberry for an Andriod phone over the weekend and all I can say is I am very impressed.  Now, I can see the screen since it is about 3 times larger and everything is at my fingertips.  My blog can up updated without going through 3 steps. Emails and contacts are seamless since I use goolge for everything.  And my irrigation system can be accessed through the phone.  Technolgy is amazing and when you look back it wasn not very long ago when I had that 1 foot long phone.


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