Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have been scouting the golf course every day this week, almost like watching a pot boil, but we are slowly getting rid of the snow cover.  I feel that many areas will remain snow covered even after today's projected high of 53.  We tried to remove snow from the greens that have issues with ice. We could not get to 11 or 5.  but we did get some channels into the 2 and 15. 

The channels seem to be working very well.  The mild damp weather conditions are very conducive to snow mold development. We did apply  plant protection in the late fall, but I feel the wet winter will be pushing the limits of the control. The turf that I can see looks really good, most likely the troubles will lie under the thick blanket of snow. 

So far so good so we will leave it at that and continue to monitor the golf course. 

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