Friday, March 4, 2011


During our annual meeting, I talked about this blog and the benefits for the members to follow it or at least bookmark in your favorites.  I also discussed the fact that I have a twitter account.   Twitter, I have found is very useful to all the members.  If you follow me this will allow you to get up to date important information on not only Hawks Landing  but the world of golf . I understand that you may not be all to familiar or hesitant about all this social media.  I was in your same shoes a few years ago when I started up this blog.  Now after a few years it has become almost second nature and on top of that I really enjoy keeping you informed.

The one thing that I did not realize is that not everyone knows how to sign up for twitter or even what it is. Almost everyone has cell phone that will allow you to sign up for twitter for free.  I have attached a link below that will take you through step by step on how to sign up.  In our fast paced lifestyles we all live, using twitter allows you to receive short quick notes on what is going on.  Try it out, you will be hooked before you know it.

Have a great weekend

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