Friday, April 1, 2011

Course update

Today, We are going to open the back nine with carts on the paths only.  We will allow the carts to go off the paths on the front nine. 

What a week we have had.  The weather has not been very good but we took advantage of that by getting a lot of detail work done on the golf course.  We are edging the greens bunkers and also making sure the sand is the correct depths.  This week we completed all the greens bunkers on the front nine as well as 14-18.  We have been working on removing all the saplings that were growing in the creeks and along the banks for the most part with the exceptions of the left side of the pond on 17 has been completed.  The creek and banks look so much better.  All the newly planted trees in the rough have been edge and some fresh mulch added.  We are also working on repairing the split rail fence at the bag drop area.  This repair is long overdo.   Yesterday was the first rolling on the greens and tees.  I have decided to wait until Monday to mow the greens.  We will be rolling the greens and tees one more time before mowing.  We also mowed 15-18 fairways to test out the fairway mowers and quality of cut.  The fairways look great and we will finish mowing by Monday next week.

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