Tuesday, May 31, 2011

update 5/31

We were able to make it through  the weekend with only a little rain to slow us down. Yesterday was one of the busiest Memorial days that I can remember in a long time,  It was great seeing everyone.    Summer has started, the heat felt good but not sure if my body was quite ready for it.  I feel that we had the golf course in fine shape over the weekend even with the high humidity. 

The greens are around 11 feet now with the exception of Sunday.  Sunday had all the elements against us, the fog, cloud cover, and high humidity.  Yesterday, the greens had a thick cover of dew. We decided to broom the greens before mowing to remove the heavy dew. Then after mowing, all the greens were rolled.  This plan seemed to work pretty well since the greens were back up to 11 feet in the morning. 

Today we are topdressing the greens and approaches fairly lightly.  We will also completed the application of the fertilizer on the fairways and rough areas.  As of right now everything is on schedule and doing well.  I do have plans to lightly verticut the fairways again next week as well as slicing the fairways.  I will most lightly needle tine the greens the week of the 14th. 

Thank you and hope to see you soon

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