Wednesday, May 11, 2011


  Wow, from 50 to mid 80's in no time.  Overall most areas on the golf course are in fine shape and doing well.  I am not too sure what to think about the trees.  The red maples have very tiny orange looking leaves and for what ever reason do not appear to be very healthy.  I am sure after yesterdays warm weather we will start to see the rest of the trees starting to bloom. I do see some buds on the oak on 2 but no leaves at this time. 

 We continue to press ahead on the chipping bunker.  I have posted many pictures on twitter of the progress.  Today we will finish installing the liner and start to haul in the sand.  I would guess by next Wednesday we will be finished.  Projects are challenging especially when we tackle most of them on our own. I always do my best to put the golf course ahead of the project and do realize that it takes longer this way. The main problem of the chipping bunker is the amount of work that honestly was not expected.

Yesterday, we completed spraying all but 1,2,8 fescue.  We will complete these holes by the end of the week.  This is the first time we have sprayed just about all of the fescue on the golf course.  Additionally,  We made a pre-emergent application in the early spring to hopefully control crabgrass and foxtail.  Then we started on the areas of high concentration of the undesirable grasses, finishing up with a broad leaf herbicide.  Some areas you are already seeing a difference.   

We completed verticutting the tees yesterday, most areas have been completed with the exception of 1,2,3,8 fairways.  I am sure that you see a difference and the stand of turf. 

Monday next week I will be topdressing all the greens and wind permitting fertilizing the green with a organic fertilizer.  This is really the only time that the greens will have a granular application of fertilizer.  After, this application we will be spraying the greens every 2 weeks using very small doses of fertilizer to keep the plant healthy and not to over stimulate.  We try to give the plant just what it needs to make it through the 2 weeks.

Now is the time you may want to think about aerating your home lawn. Yesterdays weather maybe a wake up call to have everything in order so that the turfgrass has plenty of air/water movement throughout the soil profile.  If we have another hot wet summer like last year proper preparation will be the key to survival.  Try not to over fertilize your yard this spring.  Applying heavy amount of nitrogen basically encourages top growth and does not promote much root growth or stress tolerance.  Try to give the lawn just enough fertilizer to have nice color and not the excessive growth.  You will not have to mow as much and the turf will be healthier..

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