Monday, May 16, 2011


What a difference,  I knew the bunker looked bad but not this bad.  We are in the final push to complete the bunker and will have a crew working on it all day.  I am sure that you have noticed the green is about 12 inches too high and wondering what is going on there.  Once again it is all sand from the bunker.  Over the years the sand built up a little at a time to raise the profile.   It is basically the same thing we are doing with topdressing greens.  I am sure that you have seen a few irrigation sprinklers that seem lower then before.  The sprinklers are fixed, for the most part, in the ground and with the application of sand to the greens the soil raises over time. 

This week will be a big push to get many things done.  With the warm weather last week and the mild weather this week the turf is finally starting to grow.  I will be spraying a growth regulator to slow the upright growth, encourage more lateral growth, strengthen the turf,  and control the poa annua grass.  At the same time, I will also apply a wetting agent to help reduce the surface tension to allow for better water infiltration rates.  My goal with this program is to keep the playing surface firm and remove the surface water quickly.

I hope that you are enjoying the golf course and I look forward to seeing you soon

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