Saturday, June 18, 2011


Golf Course Update Week of 6/18

Overall the week is ending very well. This is one of my favorite weekends not just becasue of Fathers day but The Open is by far my favorite tournament of the year.  I  love watching the excitement unfold over the course of the week also this is probably the only event that shows what is involved in the golf course preparations before and during the Open, the USGA should be applauded for doing this.  In the last few years, the golf course operation has really been in the press more.  I can remember back when I was involved in the PGA Championship the only press we received was why the greens were too slow and then why were the greens too fast, even through it was in the mid 90's for 2 weeks straight.    I have posted many articles this week about the Open both good and bad but it shows the struggles that is involved in attaining Open conditions.  As you can see even with 150 grounds staff it's hard to do let alone the 15-18 most course have on a daily basis. It's not easy and if one step is missed everything can go downhill very quickly it doesn't take long to go from great to bad in a hurry.

Hawks is fine shape the rain was timely but the humid conditions this week has been prefect conditions for Dollar Spot development.  The wet spring and constant cloudy damp weather has also been good for the moss on the putting green as well as a few greens on the golf course.  I am sure you have seen the moss on the putting green, I agree it does look pretty bad.  I am doing everything that I can to at least stop the spreading of the moss and to encourage recovery of the bentgrass.  We sprayed all the greens last week with a herbicide that should help.  I also verticut the greens this week to help get a little air into the canopy to dry it out.  Next week we will topdress all the greens and spray them again.  Over the next few weeks you should see a change for the better.  Here is a article from the USGA for your review on Moss and you will be able to see the battle we are up against.;mailto

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