Friday, June 24, 2011


This weeks weather sure has been interesting.  Very humid and wet but not very warm.  So we really did not see much dry down the entire week and the course is fairly wet.  The greens are in fine shape, we have managed to keep the speeds up, not near the 12.5 feet like last weekend, but we are still around 11 feet.  I was not able to topdress the greens this week because of the weather.  When it is wet, the sand will does not broom in and ends ups making a mess for a few days and really does not work into the canopy like it should.  The greens and approaches both need to be topdressed  and we will topdress on Monday.  I will most likely go with a slightly heavier rate of sand then normally since the greens have not been done for 3 weeks. Hopefully we will be able to get back on track starting Monday the topdressing will really help.

We sprayed the greens again today to prepare them for the upcoming warm humid weather.  I also added some Iron and the herbicide to help control the moss.  I am treating the putting green separate from the rest since that green has the most moss.  I am trying a few different rates and techniques on the putting green to evaluate the best control measures for moss and growth.  On the far right side I have circled a moss spot to keep track of the progress.  I have been taking pictures daily since that is the best way to watch the conversion.  In the last 2 weeks we have made a big turn around favoring the creeping bentgrass and you can see the difference already.  I am very satisfied with the progress and confident that we will see continued success.  I will be able to take some of my findings from the putting green trial and use on the rest of the greens if needed in the future.  The weather has been the main problem for use in the management of the moss.  

The humid weather has also been prefect for dollar spot development
The tees usually get dollar spot before the rest of the bentgrass areas because the the tees were seeded to penn cross creeping bentgrass. Penn Cross is the oldest improved type bentgrass and is is not very resistant to dollar spot.  We have been using a newer variety in the divot mix to help build up a little more resistant type strains.  The rain showers this week prevented use from spraying the tees to protect them from getting this disease.  We have since sprayed all the tees so we should see them fill in very quickly.

I hope that you have a great weekend, it looks like the weather should be great for some good rounds of golf    

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