Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dry spots

This hot weather not the greatest for the poa trivialis grass in the fairways.  Most of the dry looking areas in the fairways is poa trivials going dormant in this extended  hot weather.  Looking closely green grass can be found in these areas and after close examination creeping bentgrass can be found.  We didn't plant this grass in the fairways, it has just filled in.   This is not the same as poa annua in which we have very little.  An interesting point is that poa trivialis is used in the south to overseed in the winter monthes which grows great in mild weather and is quite competitive.  The cool springs are very ideal to the poa trivialis.   But just like in the south in the hot weather it goes dorment.  I have been hand watering to reduce stress but nature is taking over in some areas.  When the weather breaks I will work on overseeding some creeping bentgrass into these areas.  There has been some recent research on chemical controls but without much luck in a slow transition instead pretty much kills it. This really would not be a great option at this point and overseeding is looking like a better choice

In the meantime during this extreme weather we will be out in force spot watering by hand so please bear with us if we are in your way.  I have to be very careful with irrigation right now and hand watering is really the best way

Try to stay cool and hydrated. 

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