Thursday, July 28, 2011


Over the last few days we have received about 1 inch of rain.  More rain then in the last month in a half.  There is nothing like rain to brings life back into the course.  No matter how good the irrigation system, rain is complete coverage.  I can already see some green coming back into the dry areas.  Some of the poa trivials in the fairways has really taken it hard this year and we will be overseeding these spots as soon as we can.  I would suspect that once the weather cools off most of the spots will recover but getting a little bentgrass into them will only help in the future.  I was able to vent all the greens expect the putting green this week.  This was the first time that we did this all year.  It is important to allow the greens to breath and coupled with the rain over the last few days it was just about prefect timing.  I could not topdress all the greens on Monday but was able to complete 9-18.  I will need to finish the rest of the greens this week.  Bentgrass gets very puffy and scalps  in this humid hot weather and topdressing helps keeps this in check.  During the extreme hot weather I was not able to apply sand to the greens and approaches and now we are behind a little.  Why?  well just like when you walk on a beach with bare feet, The turf can be burned the same way and this is just to dangerous to do.  So over the next few weeks I will be topdressing when possible. 

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