Saturday, September 17, 2011

Course Update 9/17/11

Fall is in the air with the first official frost on Wednesday.  The golf course is really in great shape right now. I hope that you have had a chance to get in a few rounds.  I have been hearing some very nice compliments about the course conditions.

This week we were able to complete the core aerating  the approaches on 12-18.  I am sure that you also noticed that we are also doing some of the weaker areas, mounds and cart traffic spots.  the difference is night and day from the areas not done. recovery is already evident.  The soil at Hawks is to say the least not ideal and our program of cultural control measures seems to be working. I feel the key is to continue on this program and even get a little more aggressive in the spring next year. Our plan will be to continue to core aerate our way around the golf course. working on a few holes a day until we have completed everything.  Monday next week I plan on completing 11,10,9,1 and also topdress the greens and approaches.  Tuesday we will work on holes 8,2,7 6, Wednesday holes 5,4..Then most likely the following week finish 3 and 14.  Once we have completed the coring the greens will be needle tined and NOT CORED.  I will then spike all fairways that week.  If the weather stays warm as predicated all the tees will be verticut again next week.  I am starting to see a difference in the firmness of the tees with this program and feel deep verticutting may be a little better then actually core aerating the tees.   After next week I will start to slowly raise the height of the greens to prepare the turf for winter.  The cool weather really slows the growth of our greens. Encouraging rooting, reducing stress and building a strong plant is important for winter survival.

this is also the time of the season that I like to work on a few projects before the end of the year.  This year I plan on removing most of the rough around the oak at 2 green and replacing with fairway turf. There are a few bunkers that we will add sand and work on drainage.

Once again I hope that you are enjoying the course and look forward to seeing you soon

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