Friday, October 14, 2011

Golf COurse Update

This week was good for the course a nice soaking rain just over 1 inch of rain on Wednesday was just what we needed.  All the back nine fairways were spiked this week and really soaked it up.  There is a big difference from the front nine and the back with the amount of wet areas proving that spiking really is quite beneficial.  I have noticed a lot of members filling divots in the fairways over the last few days,  big thanks now is a great time to go through as many bottles as you can during your round.  With the rain we were not able to complete the spiking of the fairways and will have to work on this next week.   We did manage to completed core aerating all the approaches this week, starting Monday we will move onto needle tining the greens. 

Yesterday and today I have painted white dots and lines around the greens and in the fairways.  I am basically putting everything back to my original seeding lines.  I am widening some greens as I did last year too bring in some of the slopes and flat spots that were intended to be part of the green.  there are some areas in the fairways that you will see are brought in quite a bit, and these may have to be reseeded back to rough.

It is amazing some of the little things that we do here make such a differance.  I hope that you have seen the work on 2 around the oak tree. 
I really did not feel that rough should have been around the tree in the first place

I feel there adding the fairway sod around the tree really looks great and you will now not be penalized for just missing the green to the left by having your ball in the thick rough.

Have a great weekend 

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