Saturday, November 5, 2011

Golf Course Update 11/5/11

and the push is on to finish up our projects in the remaining nice days.  Yesterday, the irrigation system was winterized as well as all greens and tees sprayed for snow mold disease yes a very long day for me started at 6:30am and did not get home until 11pm.  everything is in pretty good shape going into winter we still have a few fairways yet to spray for snow mold but almost done.  We will complete most of the bunker edging next week.  It will be nice to have this done  for next spring.  We continue to work on leveling a few approaches and rough around greens.  By next week we will have completed 14,11,8,2,4 greens. I feel we have really made some nice improvements this fall.

 We have a pond dredging project that is being done to removing sediment that has run off into the ponds from the streets.  The city has put this out to bid.  Monday I will attend a meeting downtown to get all the details and scope of the work involved.  Start date is around the 15th of November as I get the exact details I will let you know what to expect.  I will be leaving to visit my very sick father on Tuesday  to spend some time with my mom and dad so I may not have any updates for you until I return the following Monday. 

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