Tuesday, December 13, 2011

update 12/12/11

Just a short update since there has not been one for some time.  I feel that this late fall has been ideal for the golf course.  The best way for the course to go into winter is for the ground to be frozen and the turf harden off before snow cover but the next 2 days they are calling for rain and then pretty cold temperatures this is not the best combo to have before winter sets in.  I have removed all the drainage covers to help get the water off the course and hopefully some of the approaches that were lowered will help get the excess water off the greens. As will all know that ice covered turf is a bad thing especially if we get an ice layer now. We certainly are having a strange late fall quite a bit of rain and fairly warm temperatures this fall. Actually, the weather has been so good that there are many of you still golfing which is quite unbelievable considering it's mid December. I think the one thing I am a little worried with the fact that we have had more rain then normal and this will surely effect snow mold disease this winter.   The moderate temperatures and saturated ground is prefect weather for pink snow mold.  We did apply a preventive snow mold control on all the bentgrass turf but the wet weather will definitely shorten the control measures of the products. Hopefully the measures that we used will give us good control.

The dredging project is moving along nicely with very little damage to the golf course.  The island in the pond on 4 is now gone. Currently, they are working on the small pond on 18. 

I will post weekly throughout the winter with some educational posts on golf course maintenance and give you some insight on some of the work that we do in the winter.  I am working on expanding the blog and possibly incorporating  with Google+   which is pretty interesting and just starting to work with it now.

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