Tuesday, January 31, 2012


50 degrees today almost unbelievable where is the winter this year.  So far we have only a handful of days in the single digits this year, I haven't even taken out the my extreme cold weather gear this winter.  I really do not see that happening this year.  The 15 day forecast is looking fairly mild.  I do not quite understand the lack of snow and warm temperatures this winter, what is the summer going to be like??  And the other extreme is that in Fairbanks, Alaska they are seeing extreme cold over the weekend the lows reach -50 two days straight.  How do you even keep you house from freezing when it's that cold??

This month has been a very tough one for me with my father passing and over the past weekend we had to put my daughter's horse down from bladder and spleen complications that could not be resolved. My daughter and her horse grew up together and had a wonderful connection. 

The warm weather ahead I should be able to see some of the golf course that has had snow cover for the last few weeks.  The greens do have some ice on them right now.  I do not feel that this is something we need to worry about right now but I will be watching the ice situation over the next few weeks.  We continue to be extremely busy inside the shop.  So far, Mike has completed all the walking mowers and has started to work on the maintenance transport vehicles.  When I look at a time line we also seem to cut it fairly close before we head back out on the course. This year Mike has a great handle on the situation and everything is turning out great.

I have hired a new Assistant that will be starting Monday next week.  His name is Jeffrey Muller, he was previously employed as the Second Assistant from Oconomowoc Golf Club.  A very interesting note is that Jeffrey was the only candidate that passed my Assistant test that I have all applicants take during the interview process. Jeffrey was highly recommended by  Dustin Riley the Superintendent at Oconomowoc Golf Club, I am looking forward to his first day here at Hawks Landing. 

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