Saturday, June 23, 2012

course update 6/23

Somehow the rain missed us the other day,  now it looks like we are in a extended dry period if we do not get any rain today.  We remain very dry to the point that the trees are in need of supplemental water, this week we hand watered trees every day.  I also continue to hand water many of the dry areas by hand using wetting agent to help get the water were it needs to go.  I feel we are doing a good job of balancing our water keeping the golf course firm but these conditions make this very difficult because we do need to run the irrigation heads at night.  I do not have individual sprinkler head control in the fairways and rough areas. What this means is that there may be a sprinkler on a slope and another one in a lower areas.  I change run times daily to make every attempt to reduce any wet areas on the course.  This is also the reason we have to hand water some fairways and approach areas.  We do our best to keep ahead of play but we also need to sometimes work in play.

Overall the course is in fine shape the greens have been rolling smooth and very consistent daily.  Last week, we completed spiking all the fairways and roughs areas on the course and will be needle tining the greens again in 2 weeks.  If this weather continues we will most likely solid tine all the fairways and roughs again in 3 weeks to keep water and air moving.  Our soil here is very heavy clay and get rock solid very easily.

I hope your game is shaping up this summer this is the year to really make improvements since you can play every day without any weather delays.  I hope to see you soon and that you get a chance to meet Moss out on the course.

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