Friday, June 1, 2012

Golf Course Update 6/1/12

Just a quick update today on our future plans for the maintenance of the golf course.  The course is in fine shape and I hope that you can get out and play a few rounds this weekend

The rain that we had this week was much needed, we were very dry. The rain actually was just about prefect timing since we applied a granular fertilizer to the fairways and rough.

As you know our rough is very dense already, so what I did with the rough fertilizer was basically spot apply to the weaker areas and high traffic sections, instead of applying to the entire rough.

We started to verticut the fairways this week once we finish all the fairways we will spike the fairways.  I will be applying a wetting agent to the fairways also next week. Monday and Tuesday the greens will be solid tined.  

We also started to edge a few bunkers yesterday and as time allows we will work our way around the course over the next few weeks.

Pretty short update today nothing too new and exciting to report which is probably a good thing.  I hope that you are as happy with the course as I am. Our staff this year is doing a great job, they take a lot of pride in the golf course and it shows with the progress that we have made this year.  

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