Friday, June 15, 2012

Golf Course Update

The weather pattern that we are stuck in continues to be very dry, low humidity and windy most days. The evaporation rate are around .2 inches per day with a few .3 inches recorded, which is extreme.  Basically almost arid conditions.   There are some areas that are not irrigated  going dormant due to the lack of rain over the last 2 months. We are currently solid tining the fairways to allow for some water to get into the soil.  We continue to make use of wetting agents to help water move into the soil profile.  This week, we had to start hand watering some approach areas especially the ridges and high slopes.  In these areas we have a wetting agent in the form of a pellet that attaches to our hoses for precise application in these areas.  Overall, I think the golf course is in very good shape, this week ahead has the makings of continued hot and dry with a chance of rain by mid week which is not very encouraging. On the good note the fescue is looking great, thinning out nicely and the color is outstanding.  

I hope that you can get out and enjoy the golf course this week.  Our staff is doing a great job for us this year. 

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