Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunscreen for us Turfscreen for our greens

Very interesting week nothing new on the weather just continued hot and very dry.

All the greens and approaches were topdressed, we also started to edge bunkers and clean up the willows around the ponds.

The humidity is here now so coupled with the dry weather, I have diligent with our watering,  there are many dry hard pan areas on the course that need water and then some areas next to these areas that may not need nearly as much.  What we continue to do is hand water these areas to the best of our ability concentrating on approach areas mostly and the worst spots elsewhere.  In this upcoming stretch more areas will be going dormant until the weather breaks.  I feel the golf course is still very good.

All of this kinds of leads me to an application we made on the greens yesterday.  We used a new product called  'turfscreen'     which is a sun screen for the turf.


 2 weeks ago we made an application to the putting green as a test.  When you read the product label we will see that it is basically the same active ingredient that is in sun screen that we all use daily.  The benefits that the product states is reduced UVB solar rays on the turf, reduced canopy temperature, and improved wilt stress.

There is some scientific data that the company has done, the theory sounded very interesting so I decided to give the product a try.  I was impressed with the putting greens condition over the last 2 weeks to the point of applying the product to all the greens yesterday just before the onset of this heat wave.  I have noticed a slight decrease in the surface temperature then the non sprayed turf and honestly feel that the greens look really good today.

looking closely near the bunker you can see the darker greenish line in the approach.  this is the edge of the application of the turfscreen product.  There is a pigment green dye in the product to offest the white of the actual products. This will be a good test of how the product preforms in the heat wave.  It makes good sense to me

I hope that you can get out and play a few rounds this week,  we always have a cool breeze at Hawks

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