Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Golf Course Update

This is a week that I really enjoy with the club championship and PGA championship all on the same weekend.  We are giving the course a little extra tlc this week.  All the greens were verticut last week to help remove some organic matter and remove the grain. 

 This year, I have noticed that the bentgrass is very puffy especially on the maroon/white tees that just do not get the traffic.  Also, there are a few spots on the greens that are a little puffy the verticutting and yesterdays topdressing on the greens should dilute some of this organic matter that is causing the turf to scalp in spots. the heat surely is one of the main causes for this issue.  What we will need to do on the tees is a fairly aggressive core aerating program starting in the next few weeks.  We will not core aerate the greens favoring topdressing applications until the late fall.  We have not core aerated the tees in 2 years 

Overall the rains that we did get were timely, another .18 inches Sunday.  We are by no means back to normal just because we got some rain but it sure did help.  The trees are still stressed, but our hand watering program I feel kept 95% of the trees alive.  If the dry weather continues into next week we will most likely have to start watering the trees again.  

I have to give a little credit to my staff, I had to leave for a few days last week for my dad's memorial service in Ohio.  Jeff, my Assistant, stepped up and did a great job while I was away.  This was the first time in many years that I was more then a few miles away from the course especially in August.  Everything ran smoothly and the golf course was in great shape for the weekend.  

I hope that you will be able to play a few rounds this week before the start of the club championship.  the golf course is firming up nicely and if we do not get any rain by this weekend we should have a solid tournament 

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