Friday, October 12, 2012

Golf Course Update 10/12/12

Another dry week, we did get a total of .15 inches of rain and maybe over the weekend.  Right now the we are very dry with only .5 inches of rain since the third week in August. On the plus side even with the chilly weather the golf course is in really good shape long drives are the norm right now and the greens, even with the fact that I have raised the height of cut to just under 1/8 of an inch, are smooth and pretty fast right now. 

 Overall, I am very happy with the golf course but we do need a good soaker before winter.  It is good to go into winter on the dry side but you can dig done a few feet into the soil profile right now and find very little soil moisture.  We have been taking advantage of this dry weather and have started to mow the fescue.  We are getting a really good cut because of how dry it is this will really help in keeping the amount of excess clippings and give us a good start for our chemical applications in the spring.  

Today, we completed the new white tee on 9.  I will post some photos tomorrow of the building process.  It always amazes me on how much soil that you need.  We ended up using about 30 tons of soil to get the tee to fit in nicely without it sticking out.  I fee,l we accomplished the task perfectly   My Assistant Jeff, was in charge of most of the project being his first major project here I feel that he did a great job.  

Next week we will be solid tining all the greens and applying a nice topdressing at the same time.  I will also apply the first nitrogen granular application to the greens.  This will encourage excellent rooting and help the turf build carbohydrates for good winter survival   I will also fertilize the fairways and rough in the next few weeks.  The goal is to wait until the turf slows or stops upright growth but still warm enough for roots to grow.  

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