Thursday, October 25, 2012

golf Course Update 10/25

I think we have had enough rain now,  this is really putting a damper on the projects that I would like to work on before the staff leaves.  We really needed the rain about 5 inches so far this month, the golf course is very wet actually wetter then I have seen it in years. 

The wet weather has really put me behind with the extra work that I wanted to accomplish this fall.  But we have made some good progress on the green bunker on hole 3.  Today we are able to get back to work with the shaping of the surrounds and start to work on the inside of the bunker.  I have removed the hump on the back side and we will also haul in soil to raise the edges so that there is a gradual slope from the sod line instead of a steep drop off.  This will in turn really make this bunker playable and not so penal for the golfer.  

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