Friday, October 19, 2012


3.25 inches of rain over the last week sure was needed but at the expense of playing golf.  The golf course was in great shape, still is but now very wet.  The rain did come at the prefect time otherwise and really soaked up the soil.  This should really benefit our cultural practices that we have been doing and encourage some great rooting.  Also, the trees were really in need of this soaker.  The forecast shows some nice mild weather in the next few day so hopefully you will be able to get in some golf.  We are still mowing and rolling the greens the height has been raised but the greens are still putting nicely.

Yesterday we started to work on the next project of the fall. The bunker on the left of 3 green has held water for the last 2 years and since we completed the right side bunker this spring this will finish the work around 3 green.  We are planning on adding approach in place of the rough between the greens and the bunker.  I feel that with the slope in this area most golfers when the ball lands in this area really have no shot especially when the pin is in the front part of the green.  Trying to hit a wedge is nearly impossible and most balls will end up in front of the green because of the slope of the green.  Adding approach here will allow for many different options for all levels of play and give you a fighting chance to actually make a good shot.  We will blend in the current slope to match the green contour and lower the edge of the bunker slightly   The area will be back to the way it was built with the exception of the approach that we will add.  I feel this will be a major improvement to the playabiltiy of the hole with the removal of the rough here

I hope that we have a nice sunny weekend so everyone can enjoy a few good rounds of golf

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