Friday, November 2, 2012

Update 11/2/12

November already hard to believe that and with the interesting year that we had the weather continues to mess with us. This week all but one day the greens have been actually been frozen.  We have only been able to roll the greens one day this week.  The greens are still good but last year I was still mowing and rolling much more.  At least we still have some nice days ahead to get in a few more rounds.

  You may have noticed that I have been mowing some areas in front of the greens this week.   We plan on closing the regulation greens on November 25 for the season I will continue to mow these temporary greens until then and these will serve as our greens until we open in the spring.  There will be a cup and a pin in the center on the green by the time we switch over these "greens" will be just fine for some winter golf.

Today is the last day the the seasonal staff, Starting Monday we will be down to a total of 3 staff member.  We still have a lot to do on the golf course and next week will be very busy for us.  On Friday the 8th we will be winterizing the irrigation system.  I rent a very large air compressor and hook up the air line to the main irrigation pipe system and basically push the water out of the system, just like your own home system but on a much larger scale. We can not shut down the process once we start we. Next week we will also start applying our snow mold  spray programs to the fairways, tees and greens. I will also start to core aerate all walk-ons, and rough banks around the greens.

We had a very solid week this week, we were able to fertilizer all the fairways and completed the green bunker on number 3.  I had already had very positive feedback with the new design and I am confident that the we increased the play ability of this area dramatically   As you can see in the photos we raised the bottom of the bunker about 6 inches and added a much more gentle slope all around the edge of the inside of the bunker   Before, it was basically a straight drop from the edge down to the bottom of the bunker about 2 feet. We also lowered the existing grade by 6 inches taking out some of the steep grade but enhanced the slope while still conforming to the existing grade.  This area you now have many choices with your golf shot instead of trying to pitch a shot out of rough.


No football this weekend so I hope that you will be able to enjoy a great round of golf

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