Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Golf Course Update 3/12/13

After just over an inch of rain here over the last few days we lost just over half of the snow pack on the golf course.  I do not think I have ever seen so much water running over the course. On the plus side there is very little standing water left but there is some ice build up in some areas. I am not concerned about ice right now, but I still have not been able to see a good part of the turf all winter, which is very unusual.  The weather still is much below normal right now I did plan on bringing in staff on the 18th to start the year but have pushed that back until the 25th.  I do have about half the staff returning this year and have hired a few new staff members for this season.   We will start the week off with at least one full day of safety training and then weather permitting start to get the golf course cleaned up and ready for opening day.   The main issue is that I really do not know how much frost is in the ground right now.  Before we can open the frost needs to be out of the soil, the greens, tees and fairways need to be mowed and or rolled before opening.  If we open with frost in the ground this can cause serious damage to the turf as well as soft conditions that will impact smoothness for the playing surface.  I will be keeping close eyes on the status of the soil and will start rolling and mowing as quickly as possible.

The start of the 2013 season is right around the coner I am sure that you are getting as excited as I am   

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