Friday, May 10, 2013

Golf Course Update 5/10

Despite last night rain which was around an inch over what was forecast we really made some nice progress on the golf course this week.

We have completed spraying the fescue that will be sprayed this year.  40 total acres were sprayed two times once with a pre-emergent and then with the undesirable grass control herbicide along with a broad leaf herbicide.  There are a few weeds mainly yellow rocket that for some reason that I am not seeing the best control but the rest of the weeds are really dying back nicely.  Also, the undesirable grasses are starting to weaken over the last few days.  You can see the yellowing of the grasses in the photo.  The new fescues that were planted 3 years ago are for the most part clean and a pure stand
Our next step will be to spray a growth regulator in a few areas that seem to collect golf balls.  The progress that we have made in the last 3 years is finally starting to show.  We are not there yet but very close

The bunkers on 3,7,8,18 greens that we reworked t did not hold any water this morning. The first time in 2 years that these bunkers did not have standing water in them.

We will be opening up the new forward tee on 9 tomorrow.  Finally, starting to see some nice roots in the and the tee is firm enough to handle the traffic.

I have heard a few comments regarding the out of bounds stakes this year mainly along the woods on 5.  The advisory board approved the change of the placement of the stakes to the current location around the golf course.  The stakes along the woods on 5 did not change other then that we have painted all the stakes or in some cases adding new white pvc stakes around the course.  The difference is that you can actually see the stakes because of the fresh coat of paint.

Next week will be another busy week for us on the course.  I plan on solid tining all the greens Monday and Tuesday next week.  The greens and approaches will also be topdressed and broomed at the same time.  Keep in mind that I have not and have no plans on actually pulling a core on the greens this year.  The use of topdressing and solid tining is an important part of a solid cultural program that helps provide smooth greens and allow for proper air and water exchange.  Topdressing, also help dilute the organic matter and protect the crowns of the turf.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day!

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