Monday, June 10, 2013

Golf Course Update

We are finally getting a handle on the mowing over the course of the last few weeks for whatever reason I have mowed the grass more times then I can remember in the past.  But, we are getting to the point now were the clumping is greatly reduced and actually getting a nice cut.  Last night we had another .3 inches of rain.  The ground is so wet right now.  Our main problem, is that there is basically very little rooting in the fairways and rough.  Over the next few weeks, I will be spiking fairways and some rough areas on the course to get some air moving into the soil profile.

I have had an interesting last week in that we lost  3 good employees.  I will be replacing the open spots but it is always hard to loose key employees.  We repaired the waterfall last Saturday which was no easy task. On Tuesday of last week I noticed that the well that fills our irrigation pond on 18 was not working.  Sams Drilling determined that the motor needs to be replaced. We had to remove 250 feet of pipe out to get to the motor. Did not plan on spending the 7000  to replace the well motor.

As you can tell from all the posts that I have been posting  the US Open this is my favorite golf tournament of the year.  I was fortunate to be a part of a major many years ago. I really enjoy seeing all the attention the USGA gives to the golf course maintenance side of things.  Most people have no idea the scope of the work that is involved in a major.  When I was at Inverness Club, we prepared for the PGA Championship years in advance for the one week the everyone sees.  This should be a very interesting open in that a lot of pretty cool maintenance practices will be implemented stay turned for more updates.

This week we will start to edge bunkers.  My Son is finally on board full time after completing is Sophomore year in high school.  He can not do any mowing yet, but he sure can does a great job with many other things. I will also be verticutting all the greens today and we will also work on some detail project throughout the week.

 Looking for a week that is not filled with problems.

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