Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rain Again

Last night rain Total as of now are 2.75 inches on top of the 2.5 inches last week.  This is the most rain I have seen here in the last 13 years while the golf course has been open for play.  We had just repaired all the bunkers yesterday from the weekends rain and now from what I am seeing we have a major task ahead with the bunkers.  All are completely washed out.  The creeks are doing their job but all the ponds are way over the banks and we may have water over the wood wall on 8 if the rain continues.  The pond at the normal level is 4.5 feet below the low point of the green.  We were able to get outside this morning and remove all the drains to help get the water off the course quickly.  The temperatures over the next 2 days are forecast to be in the mid to upper 80s.  Combine that with the high humidity and saturated soils the chance for disease outbreaks are very likely.  We applied a wetting agent over the last few days on the fairways to help move water off the surface and this seems to be working to a point.  We also, needletined all but 6 greens yesterday to also move water and get some fresh air into the soil profile.  The main problem is that we just do not have enough time in between these rains to do everything we can to help protect the turf.  This weekends sunny and mild temperatures will be a blessing to everyone.  In the meantime, we are gearing up for some longs day ahead to get the course back in shape.  Please bear with us until we have everything done.

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