Sunday, July 14, 2013

Golf Course Update 7/14/13

There has not been to much to report the last week.  We are in a nice golf course maintenance pattern right now.  I will say this our staff is really doing a great job.  The golf course is really in fine shape we are starting to dry out which leads to the start of hand watering the course.  This week, has been a nice break in the constant heat and humidity.  Dollar spot disease pressure is very high right now and really shortening the interval of our disease controls that we use on the fairways.

  I am using a different wetting agent this year on the greens, tees and fairways and really like the performance of the products.  The greens have a nice balance of firmness but still accept a well played shot, while allowing water to get into the soil profile. Our soils are challenging here and when the soil dries out it is very hard to get water into the soil profile.  This year, I feel the products are working much better  in the past.

  In regards to our weather patterns that we have had this year, I am noticing a considerable development of organic matter on the tees as well as the fairways.  When the weather breaks in mid August we will have to address this by core aerating the tees. I do not have a large scale aerator for the fairways, we will address the organic matter by verticutting the fairways.  The greens will not be core aerated this fall, our topdressing program is diluting the development of organic matter but we will continue to solid tine the greens many more times this year.

I hope that you our enjoying the golf course.  

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