Friday, October 4, 2013

Another great week comes to an end with the rain that is on the way.

  We completed all the core aerating and solid tine of the greens this week.  Next week, Monday we will core aerate the putting greens.  I did raise the height of the greens mowers this week but that was hardly noticeable since the greens were still rolling pretty fast.  I heard a lot nice compliments about the golf course this week. We sure have had a great stretch lately the golf course is in wonderful shape.

We started to work on a small project yesterday on 18 green. This is a two fold issue here; one is that there is a fairly large ridge just off the green that backs up runoff and is a major problem over winter because this freezes and turns into ice.  The other issue is that I feel it is hard to see the edge of the putting green from your shot into the green. Removing this ridge will allow a much better sight line into the green.
We had plans on completing the work this morning.

We also completed verticutting all the tees this week.  The tees have been core aerated two times and now verticut two times.  Most tees have really firmed up and a noticeable difference.

We have started to mow down the fescue this week.  If time allows the goal would be to mow everything and then mow it again.  It is hard to believe when looking at each golf hole after mowing how much rough we used to have and how much mowing I was doing. I cant even imagine what my fuel bill would be today since diesel is about 40 cents more a gallon.  We will continue to work on improving the fescue areas and keeping them a thin as possible.  We are making huge strides in only a few years.

In the upcoming weeks, I will not be mowing the greens everyday. We will roll more often the mow and continue to work on improvements to the golf course.

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