Friday, October 25, 2013

Update 10/25

We finally completed the approach
on 17 yesterday. as you can see in the pictures you shot into the green should be much improved.  We removed appox. 3000 pounds of soil to get the transition correct.  


 We also topdressed all the greens and have fertilized the golf course.  Next week, we will start to apply our snow mold disease protection and solid tine the greens.  

This crazy cold weather forced me to winterize our on course restrooms much earlier then in the past. The main issue in regards to closing them is the water meters and pipes could easily freeze in these temperatures, the meter alone is 400.00.  November 6th is the day that I have secured an air compressor to winterize our irrigation system.  

Overall, I couldn't be happier on the condition of the golf course going into dormancy.  This is the time of the year that I try to do as much as possible to protect the turf for winter. With this up and down summer and fall who knows what this winter will bring. I will say this the approach work that has been done will greatly reduce the ice build up on the greens that for sure.  



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