Sunday, November 3, 2013

Update 11/3/13

A much need rain last week, but did slow me down since last week was the last week for the staff.  But we did manage to complete 6 green complex.  We completed the back approach, front and 2 humps in on either side of the bunker.  All told we removed nearly 6 tons of soil from all the areas and now we should have good drainage off the green.

Over the last few weeks we sure did a lot of work on the course;  all fairway bunkers have been edged, all sprinklers have been edged, all divots filled on the tees,  we also mowed down all the on course fescue 2 times this fall.  We have not completed the fescue on the opposite side of the cart path but will work on that over the next few weeks. Friday, was the last day for all the staff with the exception of Jeff, my Assistant and Mike the Equipment manager.  This year, we had a great staff. I am already looking forward to March when our staff comes back.  Next week will be another busy one for me.  I plan on treating all the fairways for snow mold, solid tining all the greens.  We will also start to work on a drainage project in front of 2 green.

Wednesday the 6th is the day that we will be winterizing the irrigation system.  This process removes all the water from our irrigation lines.  Once we turn on the 900 cfm air compressor I have to have sprinkler heads running all the time.  I understand that this may interfere with players.  We will try to work around the players but this process sends a high volume of air into the pipe system, if we do not have sprinklers running damage can occur.

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